Asia Haptics

A New
Haptics Conference
Featuring Demos

November 18-20, 2014
in Tsukuba, Japan

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Call for submissions

Asia Haptics calls three types of submissions, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions.

Late-Breaking Demo

As some of you requested, we have added a new category called, "Late-Breaking Demo". Submission to this category does not require video nor short paper. Author must submit a form that include the title, authors' names, affiliations, abstract, and representative image. Each presenter is provided with a space with a table, a poster board, and a power source for a limited time (currently half a day, depending on the number of submissions). Authors' names and demo titles will be listed on the conference webpage. The submission deadline for this category is September 30. Please send [this form] to If you do not receive confirmation email for more than two days, please contact the conference official email


Your submission must include both a video portion and 2 pages short paper, which can be extended to 6 pages. After the conference, participants will see their papers published in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering from Springer (, which will be accessible worldwide. Videos from accepted submissions will be uploaded to the Springer Video system (, and will include a link to the paper. You may also choose not to publish . Accepted videos and papers will be made available to conference attendees via the electronic proceedings. Acceptance will be based on all submitted materials. The selection process includes reports by independent reviewers, followed by a jury selection process that will consider these reports as well as other criteria such as feasibility, and available space at the conference.

AsiaHaptics proceedings are now available online. (Updated on August 6, 2015)

Preparing and Submitting your Work

  1. Video

    The video must be no longer than 5 minutes and all uploaded content (video + PDF(s) + image) must be less than 100 MB . Please make sure that your video is playable on standard PC and Macintosh computers. We recommend that you encode your video as an MP4 using the H.264 codec. Videos from accepted submissions may also appear on web sites previewing AsiaHaptics content.
    (If you are not familiar with video editing, [here] are unofficial tips to use MS powerpoint as a video editor)
  2. Representative Image and Summary

    Please include a 300 word summary of your video, and an image that illustrates an important aspect of your project.
  3. Demo Summary

    Please describe your demo by answering the following questions: What the audience will experience with your demo? How many people can participate at one time? How long is the experience? (It is recommended that the demo experience is less than 3 minutes) How long will you need for setup? How many watt is required? How many people will it take in the booth to explain your demonstration?
  4. Short Paper

    Standard paper length is 2 pages, which can be extended to 6 pages. AsiaHaptics 2014 will use the Springer format. For final publication, Springer will professionally typeset the book and, with XML structuring, will ensure that your content will be available to readers in many formats for many years to come. Therefore, the final layout of your paper available online might be subject to minor modification from your camera ready version.
    • Each paper must include abstract, around five keywords, and references.
    • Width of figures and tables will be set to 117, 78 or 36mm during final typesetting.
    • High resolution figures must be submitted separately when the final version is prepared for publication.
    Further instruction for camera ready version will be shared via email after acceptance.
    • Format (Word) [2003 and 2007 (and newer)] [sample docx file]. Please see sample PDF in the LaTeX Format examples below for detail.
    • Format (LaTeX) [package and example input file] (Springer will ask you to submit LaTeX source files. Please use standard LaTeX 2e and class files and do not use uncommon environments and style files.)
  5. Floor Plan (optional)

    All presentations will be provided with 2 m by 2 m booth space, one table, two chairs, a poster board, and 100V power source. If you need further space or facilities, please submit a floor plan, which includes size, space, and environmental requirements.
  6. Consent form (for final submission)

    Please print the consent form, sign it, and scan to pdf. This consent form is required for publication by Springer after the conference (about 3 months later). [consent form]
  7. Submit all materials

    Submit all materials from the submission web site: Asia Haptics uses precision conference solution.

Workshops, tutorials

AsiaHaptics 2014 invites proposals for workshop/tutorial to be held on the first day of the conference.

Proposal Guideline

Please submit your proposals by e-mail to the workshop chair as below. Workshop/tutorial proposals should contain the necessary information as follows:


For further info, please contact to Workshop chair prof. Masashi Konyo konyo [at]

Company Exhibition

100 haptics professionals from worldwide will gather for AsiaHaptics. In addition, all attendees of the haptics tutorial course (in Japanese) will also come to the exhibition. It will be a good opportunity to exhibit products and projects of your company.
Please read the call below and fill the application form below and send the form to Prof. Hiroaki Yano yano [at]